Russell Dobular, Leal Vona, and Matthew Kreiner of End Times Productions’ “Naked Holidays”

End Times Productions' Naked Holidays 2011It’s the holiday time again — time for mind-altering eggnog, elves in open revolt, epic reindeer battles, Hanukkah carols, body-slams through boxes of prettily-wrapped gifts, and lots of strategically-placed stockings.

If you’ve ever been to Naked Holidays before, you know what’s up. If you haven’t been, you really should check this out.

Either way, listen in as Go See a Show! chats with Russell Dobular, Leal Vona, and Matthew Kreiner, the creative and administrative mad geniuses behind End Times Productions’ annual “family show” (listen in to see what we mean).

***Note: the opening bit of music & the clips you hear on today’s podcast is from the first rehearsals of the show — you want to hear this live, and with a full band!*** Continue reading

Amy Overman and Justin Plowman of Dysfunctional Theatre Co., presenting “Brew of the Dead II: Oktoberflesh”

Halloween has passed, but if you didn’t get your fill of blood, gore, and zombies, you’re in luck — Dysfunctional Theatre Company puts all that and more onstage for the next two weekends with Brew of the Dead II: Oktoberflesh. And there will be beer. Oh yes. There will be beer.

This week, Go See a Show! talks to Amy Overman, DTC’s Artistic Director and star of Oktoberflesh, and Justin Plowman, director of the show and DTC’s Director of Development. Listen in for a discussion about drunken zombies, drunken F. Scott Fitzgerald, drinking in the show, sequels requiring more blood & gore, zombies getting high, and the freedom of self-producing. Y’know — downtown theatre.

And braaaaaaaains. </obligatoryterriblezombiejoke> Continue reading

Sylvia Milo, actress of “Mozart’s Sister”

Sylvia Milo in "Mozart's Sister"Today, Go See a Show! is proud to present an interview with the fabulous actress Sylvia Milo. Her new solo show Mozart’s Sister can be seen this Saturday, October 29 at the United Solo Festival, 2PM at Theatre Row’s Studio Theater.

This is the U.S. premiere of the work, and features Sylvia in an incredible, massive, entire-stage-filling dress (seen in the photo above!), as well as music from composers Nathan Davis and Phyllis Chen.

Mozart’s Sister comes highly recommended; and as of now, this is the only scheduled performance, so check it out if you can! Tickets are available at the United Solo Festival’s website. Continue reading

Robert A. K. Gonyo, Nneoma Nkuku, and Ryan Victor Pierce of “Muzungu”

MuzunguIn this special episode of Go See a Show!, guest-host Ashley Marinaccio interviews actors Nneoma Nkuku and Ryan Victor Pierce, the stars of Muzungu, along with the director, GSAS!’s regular host Robert A. K. Gonyo.

Catch Muzungu at The 4th Street Theater now thru October 30, produced by Co-Op Theatre East and Mixed Phoenix Theatre Group. Continue reading

Brett Epstein, playwright and star of “I Loved Sam Stone”

I Loved Sam StoneOn today’s episode of Go See a Show!, an interview with playwright Brett Epstein, author of I Loved Sam Stone; Brett is currently playing the role of “Ben” in the run of his award-winning show at The Tank.

You’ve still got two chances to catch I Loved Sam Stone:

Saturday, October 22 @ 9:30PM
Sunday, Octoberg 23 @ 7PM
The Tank
151 W 46th Street, 8th Floor

download episode

And below, take a look at their YouTube trailer!

No Episode This Week — Robby’s in tech!

Greetings, Go See a Show! fans!

Just a note that there won’t be a new episode of the podcast this week, because I’m in tech for a show I’m directing that opens on Friday.

If you’re curious, check out Co-Op Theatre East‘s website for more information on Muzungu — and if you can make it to the show, please say hi when you’re there!