Robert A. K. Gonyo, Nneoma Nkuku, and Ryan Victor Pierce of “Muzungu”

MuzunguIn this special episode of Go See a Show!, guest-host Ashley Marinaccio interviews actors Nneoma Nkuku and Ryan Victor Pierce, the stars of Muzungu, along with the director, GSAS!’s regular host Robert A. K. Gonyo.

Catch Muzungu at The 4th Street Theater now thru October 30, produced by Co-Op Theatre East and Mixed Phoenix Theatre Group. Continue reading

No Episode This Week — Robby’s in tech!

Greetings, Go See a Show! fans!

Just a note that there won’t be a new episode of the podcast this week, because I’m in tech for a show I’m directing that opens on Friday.

If you’re curious, check out Co-Op Theatre East‘s website for more information on Muzungu — and if you can make it to the show, please say hi when you’re there!