Jeff Wise and David Kenner of “DANNYKRISDONNAVERONICA”

Wheelhouse Theater Company presents DANNYKRISDONNAVERONICAListen in as DANNYKRISDONNAVERONICA director Jeff Wise, along with fellow company member David Kenner, discuss the approaching mid-life crisis, describing your play like an iceberg, heavy rooms, the future of Wheelhouse Theater Company, searching for technical interns, and finding your personal joy.

“…we’re really just honing in on who we are. Rather than talking about it, and saying ‘this is who we wanna be, now let’s do that,’ we’re just throwing it against the wall, and being, like, ‘what do we like? what do we not like?’ and we’re continuing to refine ourselves vis a vis the work…”

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August Schulenburg, Kelly O’Donnell, Will Lowry, & the cast of “Jane the Plain”

Flux Theatre Ensemble presents "Jane the Plain"The great folks of Flux Theatre Ensemble are no strangers to the podcast (see their three past episodes for more great stuff), with each unique production linked by the ensemble’s players and production team, and the high quality that marks a Flux show.

That said, I was a bit surprised when I heard the company’s latest offering would be set in high school, and feature characters with names like “Scotty the Hotty” and “Betty the Pretty” — but, of course, this isn’t your typical high school dramedy. It’s like John Hughes meets…well, you should listen to the interview. Gus tells that joke way better than I could.

Listen in as director Kelly O’Donnell, scenic designer Will Lowry, playwright August Schulenburg, and the cast discuss tightening your aesthetic vocabulary, transformation, and getting in touch with your teenage emotions, where moments of magnitude are ever-present.

“We didn’t quite know what the genre was completely, but in the rehearsal room we really worked as a team to develop it together, really devising a lot of the movement and a lot of the rules and the vocabulary of the stage…”

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Matthew Freeman, playwright, and Kyle Ancowitz, director of “Why We Left Brooklyn”

Theater Accident, in association with Blue Coyote Theater Group, present the world premiere of WHY WE LEFT BROOKLYN, written by Matthew Freeman and directed by Kyle AncowitzDoubt.

As someone in the theatre, it’s impossible not to get smacked in the face by doubt—about your career, your abilities, your life choices in general—every now and again. Maybe even daily.

The characters in Matthew Freeman‘s new play, Why We Left Brooklyn, are Brooklyn-ites wrestling with the choices they’ve made. And the choices they’ve made look a lot like the choices a lot of young artists living in New York City in 2013 have made, or are making, or are looking at making in the near future. So for a podcast devoted to looking at the off-off-Broadway landscape of the present, there was a lot of resonance felt by your humble producer while watching this show.

Listen in as Matthew & director Kyle Ancowitz discuss disappointment, growing up and getting a real job, hiding Matthew’s real address in the play, having a conversation with the theatrical community via a play, freshness, and reflecting your personal experience and the experience of your friends onstage.

“…this question about, how hard should we try, how long should we continue, how long should we continue the struggle, it gets asked of everybody in the play…”

“…you must believe in yourself. And that’s a tremendous effort, it’s a tremendous effort every day…”

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Robert A. K. Gonyo, Nneoma Nkuku, and Ryan Victor Pierce of “Muzungu”

MuzunguIn this special episode of Go See a Show!, guest-host Ashley Marinaccio interviews actors Nneoma Nkuku and Ryan Victor Pierce, the stars of Muzungu, along with the director, GSAS!’s regular host Robert A. K. Gonyo.

Catch Muzungu at The 4th Street Theater now thru October 30, produced by Co-Op Theatre East and Mixed Phoenix Theatre Group. Continue reading