Ashley J. Jacobson, Elizabeth Sarkady, Faith Sandberg, Jenna D’Angelo, & Brandon Ferraro of “How to Be Safe”

The Dirty Blondes present HOW TO BE SAFE, written by Ashley J. Jacobson, directed by Cezar WilliamsListen in as The Dirty Blondes, Elizabeth Sarkady and Ashley J. Jacobson (whom you’ll remember from past podcasts on The Miracle Play and The Tunnel Play), along with the full cast—Faith Sandberg, Jenna D’Angelo, and Brandon Ferraro—discuss the company’s new play How to Be Safe, finding relevance in the present moment, the “low hum of anxiety,” the draw of terrible true crime shows, the incredible experience of having a theatrical home-base, being a sponge (then wringing yourself out), and finding safety & solace in the theater.

“…the election happened, and that made me question what I was going to be putting out into the world. It needed to be relevant, it needed to speak to something. And so I figured, ‘let me just create the most honest, emotional show that I could, because that felt like my own personal safety, and that felt like my own personal contribution, to talk about how afraid I feel, and how afraid I think other people feel…”

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Meghan Finn, Cory Einbinder, and Kalle Macrides of Adhesive Theater Project’s “The Service Road”

Adhesive Theater Project's "The Service Road," by Erin Courtney

For this episode, Go See a Show! braves the wilds of DUMBO to check out Adhesive Theater Project‘s world premiere production of Erin Courtney’s The Service Road, which takes place just down the road a piece in Prospect Park in the wake of a tornado that touched down in 2010.

Sitting amidst the puppets, personal effects, and temporary tattoos of their dressing room at Voorhees Theater, I spoke with director Meghan Finn, actor/Artistic Director Cory Einbinder, and actress/Executive Director Kalle Macrides about this unique piece of theatre.

Listen in as Meghan, Cory, and Kalle (with a special surprise appearance by Big Headed Toddler puppeteer Caroline Tamas) discuss the luxury (and illusion) of having time, creating & playing a video puppet (the aforementioned toddler), developing a play about a storm in Brooklyn in the midst of another storm in Brooklyn, and the amazing opportunities presented by Adhesive’s residency with Theatreworks at City Tech’s Entertainment Technology Department. Continue reading