Meghan Finn, Cory Einbinder, and Kalle Macrides of Adhesive Theater Project’s “The Service Road”

Adhesive Theater Project's "The Service Road," by Erin Courtney

For this episode, Go See a Show! braves the wilds of DUMBO to check out Adhesive Theater Project‘s world premiere production of Erin Courtney’s The Service Road, which takes place just down the road a piece in Prospect Park in the wake of a tornado that touched down in 2010.

Sitting amidst the puppets, personal effects, and temporary tattoos of their dressing room at Voorhees Theater, I spoke with director Meghan Finn, actor/Artistic Director Cory Einbinder, and actress/Executive Director Kalle Macrides about this unique piece of theatre.

Listen in as Meghan, Cory, and Kalle (with a special surprise appearance by Big Headed Toddler puppeteer Caroline Tamas) discuss the luxury (and illusion) of having time, creating & playing a video puppet (the aforementioned toddler), developing a play about a storm in Brooklyn in the midst of another storm in Brooklyn, and the amazing opportunities presented by Adhesive’s residency with Theatreworks at City Tech’s Entertainment Technology Department. Continue reading