Aliza Shane, playwright and director of “Mein Uncle: An absurdist fairytale about the seeds of inhumanity”

3 Voices Theatre presents Aliza Shane's Mein UncleThe Brothers Grimm collected German folk stories which, through their efforts, have spread and become what many people will remember as classic fairy tales (like those re-imagined by StrangeDog in their show Enchanted Arms, which you may remember from the previous episode of this very podcast).

In this episode, playwright/director Aliza Shane, one of the co-founders of 3 Voices Theatre, takes the notion of the fairy tale back to Germany, and back in time to between the World Wars, on the eve of that nation’s darkest moment, in Mein Uncle: An absurdist fairytale about the seeds of inhumanity.

Listen in as Aliza discusses accidental inspiration via The History Channel, bad love, and what happens when you start a play with a girl in a cage.

“…with the absurdist fairytale, we get to divert from the history, we get to add a little oddness and bizarre twists and a little fairytale magic to an otherwise stiff, upsetting story…”

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