Chris Harcum & Aimee Todoroff of “Martin Denton, Martin Denton”

Elephant Run District and FRIGID at Horse Trade present MARTIN DENTON, MARTIN DENTON, written by Chris Harcum, directed by Aimee TodoroffListen in as the Elephant Run District team of Chris Harcum, playwright & performer, and Aimee Todoroff, director, of the company’s new show Martin Denton, Martin Denton, discuss finding safety and meaning in a community, “love,” the validity of our work, the ways in which our productions can live forever, how and why we do this thing called “indie theatre,” and more about this love letter to the scene.

“…what we’re doing is creating life, and then giving life back. And for me, one of the people who was there, and kind of charted what I was doing—and for whom I felt this very deep connection, and this person who, if he didn’t see my show, it felt like it did not happen—needed his story told.”

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TALKBACK: Jennifer Conley Darling, Martin Denton, J. Julian Christopher, and Leah Nanako Winkler

terraNOVA Collective Indie Theater NowFor this special episode, a little something different — instead of hearing your regular host, Go See a Show! is proud to host on the podcast a talkback conducted by Indie Theatre Now‘s Martin Denton with playwrights J. Julian Christopher, Leah Nanako Winkler, and terraNOVA‘s Producing Artistic Director Jennifer Conley Darling, after the company’s recent workshop series at IRT Theater (you can hear GSAS!’s interview with Julian about his show, Animals Commit Suicide, here — and check out his other plays on IndieTheatreNow!).

Though it’s not the usual podcast fare, I enjoyed listening to these artists in conversation, and I think you will, too. This is an especially great episode for anyone interested in new play development — terraNOVA has what seems to be a sustainable and effective process for shepherding new work to the stage (and if Animals Commit Suicide is any indication, it’s proving to be a successful one).

Here’s to more great new off-off-Broadway theatre in 2014 — happy new year!

“How did I know it was for me? It scared the shit out of me. That’s pretty much how I gauge the work that we like…”