Patricia Lynn, Annie Branson, and Lauren Lubow of “Fen”

Red Garnet Theater Company presents Caryl Churchill's FEN, directed by Patricia Lynn

“…it’s become about women, and the role that we play in what we want, and what we do to go after it. What do we feel that we’re entitled to, what are our aspirations, and what are the obstacles getting in our way?”

Caryl Churchill’s Fen follows the lives/stories/desires of several women working in the drained marshland of Fenland, England—and for the artists at Red Garnet Theater Company, it’s about that quote above, an exploration that continues now in 2016, despite the play being written over 30 years ago.

GSAS! corespondent Tara Gadomski takes you underground at IATI Theater’s Black Box for a conversation with director Patricia Lynn, associate producer/actor Annie Branson, and Red Garnet Artistic Director Lauren Lubow; listen in as they discuss why Fen now, finding performance opportunities for your company members, how to get the rights to a play by a notable living playwright, UK pop references of the ’80s, getting creative to prop your show, and why it’s so important to just be cool when you’re in this industry.

“…the imbalance that you have between men and women in this industry is huge. And I think there are so many women out there that have so much to say, and we haven’t heard it. And I think that the idea of light, which I found so fitting that Patty found that theme throughout this play, is, where can we shine the light, and what can we uncover and unearth..?”

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Cheryl Faraone, director of PTP/NYC’s “Serious Money”

As mentioned in previous episodes, while I love theatre in its many forms, I (the producer of GSAS!) am predominately interested in where theatre’s at now—how our art form can speak to our current reality. Knowing this, one might be surprised to hear that one of the most intriguing works I’ve seen of late is a revival of a play written & set in the mid-80s.

But it’s the truth. PTP/NYC has brought their production of Caryl Churchill’s classic Serious Money to Atlantic Stage 2, and in addition to featuring a script that has aged wonderfully (and resonates eerily well with the current global financial situation), the production, under the direction of Cheryl Faraone, feels as fresh & current & of-the-moment as any show I’ve covered on the podcast. You should check this one out.

But before you do: take a listen to this episode as Cheryl discusses working from a common language, creating socially-observant work while avoiding didacticism, and running monsters of different stripes in rep.

PTP/NYC (Potomac Theatre Project) presents
Serious Money

by Caryl Churchill
directed by Cheryl Faraone

running in rep with

Monster, by Neal Bell

July 3–29
Atlantic Stage 2
330 West 16th Street
New York, NY

Tickets & showtimes available via TicketCentralPTP/NYC's "Serious Money"

PTP/NYC's "Serious Money"PTP/NYC's "Serious Money"PTP/NYC's "Serious Money"