Hend Ayoub, Joe Joseph, Siena Yusi, & Julie Cai of “9 Kinds of Silence”

PlayCo presents 9 KINDS OF SILENCE, written and directed by Abhishek Majumdar, featuring Hend Ayoub and Joe Joseph, at 122CC, 2nd Floor TheatreListen in as Go See a Show! correspondent Jason Wang speaks with 9 Kinds of Silence performers Hend Ayoub & Joe Joseph, along with production stage manager Siena Yusi and assistant stage manager Julie Cai, about working with the playwright/director to find the truth of a new play, teaching an audience how to watch a show (even before the show begins), non-traditional staging, the ways we listen, exploring sound & silence, and what, exactly, silence is and can be.

“…I think we all learned how to listen to each other in the rehearsal room, and then, as we entered tech and previews and performances…I think we’re all quite used to having so much external stimuli, and for it to hit us in a way that isn’t quite as refined. We really have crafted every aspect of how you can experience this show…there was a lot of thought…about what an audience member experiences…”

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Garrett Miller, Olivia Hewitt, Sabrina Gómez, Phanie Cherres, & Michael James Duran of “The Motherf**ker With the Hat”

Hats Off Productions presents THE MOTHERFUCKER WITH THE HAT by Stephen Adly Guirgis, directed by Luis-Daniel Morales, at The Chain TheatreListen in as The Motherf**ker With the Hat executive producers Garrett Miller (who also plays “Jackie”) and Olivia Hewitt (who also stage manages the show), along with performers Sabrina Gómez (“Veronica”), Phanie Cherres (“Victoria”), and Michael James Duran (“Ralph D”), discuss self-producing, considering your audience, growth between iterations, seat-filling strategies & guerrilla marketing, taking over postcard stands, and the utmost importance of making sure you’ve got a great show.

“…I think if you’re doing independent theatre, you’re doing it because you really want to do it, and that shows…like, this isn’t as far away as you think. It is accessible. It’s a lot of work…a f*ckton of work. But it’s doable…”

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