Edward Einhorn, Patrice Miller, and Gyda Arber of “Money Lab”

Untitled Theater Company #61 presents MONEY LAB at HERE Arts CenterIf you’re listening to this podcast, then it’s very likely you’re all-too-familiar with the sometimes-insurmountable-seeming economic barriers to creating independent theatre in New York (for info on some of the groups that are working to make it better, go back and listen to GSAS! Episode 150, on the Crisis to Creation Town Hall event).

But what about actively exploring economic realities on stage, as part of your theatre? How would you do that?

Economists said it wouldn’t be possible, but Untitled Theater Company #61‘s Edward Einhorn has proven them wrong with Money Lab. Billed as “an economic vaudeville,” you’re in for a night of scenes, music, dance, and performance around economic themes, running in a repertory style with different bills each night, all while two economies are created for (and by) the audience, and tracked in real-time.

Listen in as Edward, along with choreographer & assistant producer Patrice Miller and co-creator of the economic game performance Gyda Arber, discuss how you find an economist to perform in your independent theatre piece, finding the meaning of abstract economic terms through dance, determining the value of an artist’s time, and bailouts after bad bets by audience-members.

Untiled Theater Company #61 presents

Money Lab

curated & directed by Edward Einhorn
game design by Edward Einhorn and Gyda Arber
assistant producer Patrice Miller

March 20–April 11, 2015
various performers by date; see the full schedule

HERE Arts Center
145 6th Avenue

tickets: $20 (plus a $5-$10 buy-in), available via OvationTix

Stephanie Willing and Dine Rose Gray in DEAD CAT BOUNCE, part of MONEY LAB, photo by Arthur Cornelius Moira Stone in THE MONEY ATHEIST, part of MONEY LAB, photo by Arthur Cornelius Emcee Mick O'Brien at the Exchange Booth with Gyda Arber, in MONEY LAB, photo by Arthur Cornelius Russ Roberts in A CONVERSATION WITH ADAM SMITH, part of MONEY LAB, photo by Arthur Corneliusphotos by Arthur Cornelius

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