Meredith Burns, Carl Holder, and playwright Paul Cameron Hardy of “feeling.”

GB_feeling_FINAL_for_webJust what does a 20-something ABD PhD candidate with a broken heart have in common with a notorious serial killer?

According to Glass Bandits Theater Company‘s production of Paul Cameron Hardy‘s feeling. — a whole lot.

In this world premiere, the aforementioned student (played by Glass Bandits Managing Director Meredith Burns) falls into a deep depression when her 9-year relationship suddenly ends. And despite the encouragement and support of her enthusiastic younger brother (GB Producing Director Carl Holder) and her dissertation adviser’s push to focus on her work, she can’t seem to escape the darkness that she finds herself in. A darkness that manifests in a hallucination of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Listen in as Meredith, Carl, and Paul discuss the excitement of hearing “that play” for the first time, learning that your company would be producing “that play” via a nationally-circulated article, acting with mononucleosis, and exploring the lengths to which some people will go to keep a relationship.

“That’s why we need more companies doing what they love.”

“Preach. I’m here for the cookies.”

“…and the sword fights.”

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