The Cast & Crew of Perchance to Dream Theatre’s “Antigone”

Antigone, by Perchance to Dream TheatreThis episode of Go See a Show! features the first-ever hat-trick on the show — the third episode featuring members of Perchance to Dream Theatre (listen to the first and second episodes here & here).

Joining me in the seating of Shetler Studios Theatre 54 to discuss the company’s own adaptation of Sophocles’ Antigone are director (and, speaking of hat tricks, fellow Sabres fan!) Emma Schimminger, set designer Luc S. Hotaling, and actors Megan Lee, Bret McCormick, Leanne Mercadante, Lauren Pennline, Brian Sheppard, and Kevin Paul Smith (with a quick shout-out from Stage Manager Aaron Salley).

Listen in as the cast & crew talk about how to create a modern version of a Greek classic collectively as a company, learning to be honest with each other for the sake of the work, and “day-dreaming” with the harsh deadlines of a 24-Hour play festival. Continue reading