Ashley Jacobson, Elizabeth Sarkady, Ryan Guess, Dondrie Burnham, and Brett Epstein of “The Tunnel Play”

The Dirty Blondes present The Tunnel PlayWelcome back to The Dirty Blondes, playwright Ashley Jacobson and producer Elizabeth Sarkady, and to Mr. Brett Epstein (his third appearance on the podcast)! They’re joined by fellow actors Ryan Guess and Dondrie Burnham (both of whom I hope will also become repeat-guests here on the podcast) to talk about their new show, currently playing in The Fringe.

Around a moveable set of three trunks, The Tunnel Play follows a young woman who gave up her comfortable life to live in the tunnels, her older friend (and tunnel-life mentor) who landed in the tunnels through hardship, and a self-loathing yuppie copywriter, as their lives set on a collision course just ahead of a massive weather event to hit New York City. What do you do when faced with the possibility that everything could be washed away at any moment?

Listen in as Ashley, Ryan, Dondrie, Brett, and Elizabeth discuss that scary, difficult question, as well as having to answer to someone, taking inspiration from Superstorm Sandy, and the things we bottle up (until the lid blows off).

“…life is a storm, and storms affect everybody, and your actions also affect everybody…”

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Ashley Jacobson, Clare Hammoor, Remy Bennett, and Hannah Wolfe of “The Miracle Play”

The Dirty Blondes present "The Miracle Play" at The Secret TheatreThe podcast returns to The Secret Theatre for the second episode in a row, this time for the new offering from young-ish company The Dirty Blondes.

The work is called The Miracle Play, and it’s…well, it’s hard to say what it is, as you’ll surmise when you hear me try to do this interview. It’s a dense, challenging piece of theatre — and that’s not meant as a negative. My head was swimming after seeing it, so easing into an interview about it proved more difficult than I would have guessed.

Like the play, though, I think the discussion got to an interesting place.

So take a listen as playwright Ashley Jacobson, director Clare Hammoor, and actors Remy Bennett and Hannah Wolfe, discuss faith, the sound of plastic, writing a play during Hurricane Sandy, un-natural movement, and what it means (and looks like) to exist underwater. Continue reading