Alec Duffy & Lori Elizabeth Parquet of “White on White”

Hoi Polloi presents WHITE ON WHITE, written by Robert Quillen Camp, co-directed by Alec Duffy & Lori Elizabeth Parquet, at JACK BrooklynListen in as White on White co-directors Alec Duffy & Lori Elizabeth Parquet discuss the Hoi Polloi process, developing and discovering a play with the playwright, avoiding spoilers, how to examine whiteness in a theatrical context, troubling the waters, taking theatre to an extreme place, and asking questions that we’re all “answering for ourselves, all the time.”

“…this is difficult stuff to talk about intellectually, let alone theatrically…to really tell the truth about what whiteness is. Because I feel like one of the tools of whiteness is to be vague about it, to be obscure about it, to not be straightforward about it…so that it can continue to exist…”

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Alec Duffy, director of Hoi Polloi’s production of “Baal”

Hoi Polloi's "Baal"Those of you who know me, the producer of Go See a Show!, know that I love me some Bertolt Brecht. So when I saw there was a chance to see his first play, Baal, presented by Hoi Polloi as part of the Underground Zero Festival, it was the first show I secured tickets for.

I was not disappointed. And you won’t be either — sadly, as I’m posting this there are just two more chances to catch this one, but catch it you should.

Listen in as I chat with the show’s director Alec Duffy about the fire of Baal, making immersive theatre in a former DJ bar-lounge dance-club, erasing the border between the street & the stage, and what’s next for his new Brooklyn performance space, JACK.

Hoi Polloi presents

by Bertolt Brecht
directed by Alec Duffy

part of the Underground Zero Festival

505 1/2 Waverly Ave, b/w Fulton & Atlantic

July 12 – August 5 @ 8PM