Sylvia Milo, playwright & performer, & Nathan Davis, composer, of “The Other Mozart”

The Other Mozart by Sylvia MiloHistory, as we know, is always changing—it’s written by those in power, but power shifts. So as some of the bullshit of European patriarchy is shoveled away, it’s amazing what can be learned; for example, did you know that none of Mozart’s music survived?

…no, not Wolfgang Amadeus, we’ve got tons of his music, catalogued with it’s own fancy system. Here, we’re talking of The Other Mozart, his sister, Nannerl, who by all accounts played & composed as brilliantly as her brother, though most people don’t know her story.

As a regular listener to Go See a Show! however, you may remember this story, because performer Sylvia Milo (now the show’s playwright as well) was first on the podcast way back on episode #10 with the first iteration of this project, then called Mozart’s Sister. This new piece presents the story in a brilliant new way (though that fabulous dress remains), and features more incredible music from composers Phyllis Chen and Nathan Davis, the later of whom joins Sylvia on the mic for this episode.

Plus, the new title feels like it puts Nannerl on equal footing with Wolfie. Where she rightfully belongs.

Listen in as Sylvia & Nathan discuss finding the right teacups, why it’s likely Nannerl called Wolfgang a “shit-eater,” and creating the music inside a 18th-century composer’s head.

The Little Matchstick Factory presents

The Other Mozart

by Sylvia Milo
directed by Isaac Byrne
music by Nathan Davis & Phyllis Chen

HERE Arts Center
145 Sixth Avenue

Previews: June 22*, 23, 24 @ 8:30PM
Opening Night: June 25 @ 8:30PM
June 26-28, July 1-3, 5, 8-12 @ 8:30PM
June 29, July 6 @ 4PM
Understudy: June 22, 28, July 5,12 @ 4PM & June 29, July 6 @ 8:30PM.

tickets: $30, available at the HERE Arts Center website

The Other Mozart by Sylvia Milo

portrait by Daniel Murtagh

The Other Mozart, by Sylvia MiloThe Other Mozart by Sylvia Milo

photos by Peter Griesser, DIVA Arts Collective

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