Crawford M. Collins, actress

Crawford M. CollinsCrawford M. Collins is a friend of mine, and a heck of an actress.

So for a different sort of Go See a Show! episode, I thought it would be fun to sit down and get an actor’s perspective on navigating the wilds of the theatre scene in our fair city of New York.

And I was right. It was indeed fun, and informative, to chat with a talented woman who’s doing some great work — and working consistently. All you aspiring actresses & actors, this episode’s for you.

Listen in as Crawford & I discuss how one gets oriented in the New York theatre scene, the difference between the worlds of theatre & film, hustling (in a good way), and the importance of relationships in our line of work.

“…if you have a really good friend, somebody that you know that you just think is really interesting…find out where they’re hanging out, and the kinds of people that they’re meeting…”

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