Kilusan Bautista of “Transcend”

Kilusan Bautista of TRANSCENDListen in as Kilusan Bautista, the creator & performer of Transcend, discusses his transplant status, why his show mixes media & how it’s a conversation, the benefits of social media, creating a democracy with post-show discussions, and making art out of struggle.

“…hey, we’re here, and if we can connect, then so be it…but if we can’t connect, at least we can have some respect, and still be a part of this community, and…y’know, get through, get through this life.”

Frigid New York at Horse Trade presents


written & performed by Kilusan Bautista

January 9–February 6, 2017
Mondays @7PM

UNDER St. Marks
94 St. Marks Place

Kilusan Bautista performs TRANSCEND Kilusan Bautista of TRANSCEND Kilusan Bautista performs TRANSCENDphotos courtesy Kilusan Bautista

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