Jaclyn Backhaus, playwright, Andrew Neisler, director, and Ben Otto, actor, of “Shoot the Freak”

not just 3 new playsJaclyn Backhaus‘s new play, Shoot the Freak, is currently playing at Tom Noonan’s Paradise Factory on East 4th Street, as part of a unique theatrical event taking place through the month of September.

A triple-threat of playwrights including Backhaus,  Kevin Armento and Jerry Lieblich have joined forces & shared resources to turn the Paradise Factory into a curated artistic laboratory for a month, with full productions of new plays by each of them as the centerpiece(s). It’s called (not just) 3 New Plays, and it’s their attempt to build “an artistic ecosystem” — an exciting proposition.

And as you’ll hear in the interview, it’s a model that I (and Jaclyn) invite you to steal.

Listen in as Jaclyn, along with Shoot the Freak director Andrew Neisler and actor Ben Otto, discuss the freaks of New York, figuring out what a new play is actually about, peeling away layers of characters and Coney Island, what is lost to the ether, and how this pop-up theatre event is like calling Captain Planet.

“…recapture the magic…”

Shoot the Freak

by Jaclyn Backhaus
directed by Andrew Neisler

part of the (not just) 3 New Plays pop-up event

Tom Noonan’s Paradise Factory
64 E. 4th Street

through September 29, 103

tickets available via BrownPaperTickets

Shoot the Freak, by Jaclyn Backhaus, photo by Hunter Canning Shoot the Freak, by Jaclyn Backhaus, photo by Hunter Canning Not Just 3_selection_19_Hunter Canning

photos by Hunter Canning

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