The Playwright, Director, and Cast of “Poor People”

Even being as into independent theatre as I am, I always seem to miss most of Fringe each year. Thankfully, I was able to get out to The Kraine with a microphone for just one show in this year’s festival, … Continue reading

The Cast & Director of Playhouse Creatures’ “Love Song”

If you’ve never been to the Access Theater, it might seem a little out of place; it’s four flights up in a nondescript building just south of Canal Street, and if not for the sandwich board out in front, you … Continue reading

About “Go See a Show!”

The Go See a Show! podcast is the only podcast dedicated to the independent, or “off-off-Broadway,” theatre scene in New York City. Each episode features an interview with artists making theatreĀ in our community, discussing the ideas and process behind their … Continue reading