John Bell, of Bread & Puppet Theater

Bread and Puppet Theater presents Aeschylus' THE PERSIANS and the 2021 iteration of OUR DOMESTIC RESURRECTION CIRCUS at Theater for the New City, December 2021Listen in as longtime Bread & Puppet Theater collaborator John Bell discusses the history and activism of the company, bringing together collaborators from disparate locations, an “accessible and unpretentious” style of theater,” the use and meaning of different kinds of chairs, survival & mutual support, and the magical precarity of live performance.

“…it’s a different type of theater work than what I think of as ‘straight theater’…it’s different, it’s looking around and making due with what’s there…creating from your own experience, using what you’ve got, not being hampered or set back by the challenges, but just sort of making it happen with whatever you have with you…”

Bread & Puppet Theater presents

The Persians

written by Aeschylus
directed by Peter Schumann


Our Domestic Resurrection Circus

directed by Peter Schumann

thru December 19, 2021

Theater for the New City
155 First Avenue

tickets: $18, or $12 for students, seniors, and children

Bread and Puppet Theater presents Aeschylus' THE PERSIANS at Theater for the New City, December 2021, photo by Joseph Gresserphoto by Joseph Gresser

2 thoughts on “John Bell, of Bread & Puppet Theater

  1. thank you robert gonyo for your open enthusiasm in this interview with john bel –
    very inviting for another new generatio0n of bread and puppeteers to join the geezers

    “i feel like going on” (song in the repertoire of ysaye barnwell, of sweet honey in the rock)

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