David Barlow & Danielle Skraastad of “Havel: The Passion of Thought”

PTP/NYC presents HAVEL: THE PASSION OF THOUGHT, in rep with DOGG'S HAMLET, CAHOOT'S MACBETH at Atlantic Stage 2Listen in as actors David Barlow & Danielle Skraastad of PTP/NYC‘s production of Havel: The Passion of Thought—three short plays from Vaclav Havel, bookended by Harold Pinter’s The New World Order and Samuel Beckett’s Catastrophe—discuss why these plays work so well in conversation, the difference between performing them together in 1991 vs. in 2019, “On Tyranny,” the power of making theatre, “the politics of kindness,” and the importance of living the truth.

“…they felt so current, and felt so hopeful, in a galvanizing way…that art matters. Words matter. What do you want to do?…”

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Christine Hamel & Jake Murphy of “Brecht on Brecht”

PTP/NYC presents BRECHT ON BRECHT, a theatrical collage, culled from the writings of Bertolt Brecht, assembled from his works by George Tabori, directed by Jim PetosaListen in as Christine Hamel and Jake Murphy, members of the cast of PTP/NYC‘s new production of Brecht on Brecht, discuss how they found their version(s) of the George Tabori collage, “balancing the dark and the light” of the opposites inherent to Brecht’s theories, relevance, audience reactions to Epic Theatre, how the production has changed in the 18 months between presentations, and speaking truth to power in 2018.

“…it’s interesting, because if one of the purposes of theatre in this style is to activate, and wake people up, one of the questions I have is […] to do what? What do we want them to do? Waking up is the first thing…”
“…and not being seduced by normalizing our current reality, pointing it out for the horror it is…”

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Cheryl Faraone, director of PTP/NYC’s “Serious Money”

As mentioned in previous episodes, while I love theatre in its many forms, I (the producer of GSAS!) am predominately interested in where theatre’s at now—how our art form can speak to our current reality. Knowing this, one might be surprised to hear that one of the most intriguing works I’ve seen of late is a revival of a play written & set in the mid-80s.

But it’s the truth. PTP/NYC has brought their production of Caryl Churchill’s classic Serious Money to Atlantic Stage 2, and in addition to featuring a script that has aged wonderfully (and resonates eerily well with the current global financial situation), the production, under the direction of Cheryl Faraone, feels as fresh & current & of-the-moment as any show I’ve covered on the podcast. You should check this one out.

But before you do: take a listen to this episode as Cheryl discusses working from a common language, creating socially-observant work while avoiding didacticism, and running monsters of different stripes in rep.

PTP/NYC (Potomac Theatre Project) presents
Serious Money

by Caryl Churchill
directed by Cheryl Faraone

running in rep with

Monster, by Neal Bell

July 3–29
Atlantic Stage 2
330 West 16th Street
New York, NY

Tickets & showtimes available via TicketCentralPTP/NYC's "Serious Money"

PTP/NYC's "Serious Money"PTP/NYC's "Serious Money"PTP/NYC's "Serious Money"