Andrew Cortes, of the Stage Whisper Podcast

The Stage Whisper podcast, hosted by Andrew Cortes & Hope BirdListen in as Andrew Cortes, co-host of the Stage Whisper podcast, discusses the origins of the podcast, grumpy stage doorers vs. spontaneous intermission conversations, finding the positives, forging your own thoughts, making something unique, and why no one should have Broadway-blinders on.

“Our goal is to create a more inclusive, diverse, accepting, and educated theatre community and audience.”
“To that, I can only say, hell yeah.”
“Yeah! Now more than ever, I think those are just all so important. And we want to do what we can to uplift and amplify theatre artists’ voices, especially those of the off and off-off-Broadway community…”

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Sean Williams, Jordana Williams, & Mac Rogers of Gideon Media

Gideon MediaListen in as producer/actor Sean Williams, director Jordana Williams, and playwright/actor Mac Rogers of Gideon Media/Gideon Productions discuss how they connected with legendary playwright Wallace Shawn to bring two of his stage plays to the radio drama realm, the outgrowth of Gideon Media from Gideon Productions, adapting Mac’s indie plays for audio podcasts, using short-hand with your long-time collaborators, getting through (and out of) the pandemic, how to get that “indie theatre” feel on the mic, the benefits of creating in a new medium, and why, come what may, we’ll all be back in those tiny dark spaces telling stories together, soon.

“…at any second, the whole thing might fall apart, and at any second, something magical might happen…”

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