Justin Plowman, Nicole Lee Aiossa, and Amy Overman of “Final Defenders”

Dysfunctional Theatre Company presents "Final Defenders"I love returning guests. The conversation can be nice and free and candid, and it’s just plain fun — but then again, all of my experiences with the good folks at Dysfunctional Theatre Company have been fun. Maybe it just gets fun-ner?

That’s not a word.

Either way, welcome, Justin Plowman & Amy Overman, back to the podcast — and welcome Nicole Lee Aiossa for the first time. Nicole & Justin co-directed, and Nicole & Amy co-star in this new play by Patrick Storck (writer of the Brew of the Dead plays, featured on one of the earliest GSAS! episodes with Amy & Justin), about a team of time-traveling game-masters who battle an evil interstellar queen, playing now as part of The Brick Theater‘s Game Play Festival.

Listen in as Justin, Nicole, and Amy discuss Google Doc dramaturgy, 1980s montage-style dance-breaks, letting the audience in on the joke, and the cup-and-ball.

“You don’t know who Karnov is? Fire-breathing communist from 1980? Ok. All right. That’s fine.”

Dysfunctional Theatre Company presents

Final Defenders

by Patrick Storck
directed by Nicole Lee Aiossa & Justin Plowman

part of Game Play, at The Brick
thru July 26, 2013

tickets & showtimes available via OvationTix

Dysfunctional Theatre Company presents "Final Defenders," photo by Flaviu NasarimbaDysfunctional Theatre Company presents "Final Defenders," photo by Flaviu NasarimbaDysfunctional Theatre Company presents "Final Defenders," photo by Justin Plowman

photos 1 & 2 by Flaviu Nasarimba; final image by Justin Plowman

Amy Overman, Justin Plowman, Gyda Arber, and Amy Beth Sherman of “Of Dice & Men”

More repeat offenders on GSAS! for this episode — last time it was stoned, drunken zombies, but this time the fine people at Dysfunctional Theatre are bringing a story of epic campaigns, saving throws, and decisive D20 rolls to the stage with Of Dice & Men, by Cameron McNary, part of the Game Play Festival at The Brick.

On the mic are Amy Overman, the show’s director, Justin Plowman, who plays a hardcore gamer in the show, Gyda Arber, another gaming enthusiast in the show as well as the producer of the Game Play Festival, and Amy Beth Sherman, who portrays another roleplayer in the show’s D&D adventuring party. Listen in to this episode for more on Game Play, passion, Justin’s super “woop-woop” dance, hating & loving Uni, and the connections between jocks, geeks, and theatre goons.

Dysfunctional Theatre Company & The Brick Theater, Inc. present
Of Dice & Men

Written by Cameron McNary
Directed by Amy Overman

Starring: Gyda Arber, Rob Brown*, Cedric Jones, Justin Plowman, Adam Swiderski, and Amy Beth Sherman*
*appears courtesy of Actors’ Equity Association

The Brick
575 Metropolitan Avenue (between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street)
Brooklyn, NY

Saturday July 7, 8pm
Tuesday July 10, 8pm

Thursday July 12, 8pm
Sunday, July 15, 2pm
Wednesday, July 18, 8pm
Saturday, July 21, 2pm
Tuesday, July 24, 8pm
Friday, July 27, 7pm

Tickets: $15, available online at bricktheater.com, or by calling OvationTix at 866-811-4111

photos by Flaviu Nasarimba

Amy Overman and Justin Plowman of Dysfunctional Theatre Co., presenting “Brew of the Dead II: Oktoberflesh”

Halloween has passed, but if you didn’t get your fill of blood, gore, and zombies, you’re in luck — Dysfunctional Theatre Company puts all that and more onstage for the next two weekends with Brew of the Dead II: Oktoberflesh. And there will be beer. Oh yes. There will be beer.

This week, Go See a Show! talks to Amy Overman, DTC’s Artistic Director and star of Oktoberflesh, and Justin Plowman, director of the show and DTC’s Director of Development. Listen in for a discussion about drunken zombies, drunken F. Scott Fitzgerald, drinking in the show, sequels requiring more blood & gore, zombies getting high, and the freedom of self-producing. Y’know — downtown theatre.

And braaaaaaaains. </obligatoryterriblezombiejoke> Continue reading