Lizzy Beth Elkins, Kathy Huynh-Phan, Peter J. Wallace, and Drew Nungesser of “The Anger in Ernest & Ernestine”

"The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine"What do you do when you’re graduating from a respected, traditional acting program, and you make your own theatre company?

If you’re actors Peter J. Wallace and Kathy Huynh-Phan and sound designer Drew Nungesser, you do a clown show in The Fringe. And you get the awesome Lizzy Beth Elkins to direct it.

Listen in as Lizzy, Peter, Kathy and Drew discuss directors auditioning for actors, clowning, Al Gore & the internet, and welcoming your sound designer into the rehearsal room. Plus, suspenders are snapped, live, on-air.

“…part of what I’m attracted to for theatre is, let’s see if we can be truthful and tell great stories, but then also kind of make it a party…”

The Plinth presents

The Anger in Ernest & Ernestine

written by Robert Morgan, Martha Ross, and Leah Cherniak
directed by Lizzy Beth Elkins

Sat Aug 9th 2:45pm
Tue Aug 12th 5:30pm

Fri Aug 15th 9:30pm
Sun Aug 17th 7:30pm
Thur Aug 21st 3:00pm

NY Fringe Venue #1: Teatro SEA
107 Suffolk St.

tickets available via

"The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine" "The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine" "The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine"photos by Banun Atina Idris

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