Kenneth Keng, Annaporva Green, & Chisom Awachie of “Brought Up”

University Settlement presents BROUGHT UP, written by Kenneth Keng, directed by Annaporva Green, at Speyer HallListen in as playwright Kenneth Keng, director Annaporva Green, and actor & projection designer Chisom Awachie of Brought Up discuss lobotomized flesh puppets, encouraging participation and not “screaming and running away,” gratitude for designers, complicity and unthinking loyalty, Capri Suns, finding “a different way to do this shit,” and survival (with kindness) into the future.

“…it is about the visceral appeal of warfare, and all the equipment…the whiz-bang fighters, the big ships, the guns…things which I, for a long time, loved, and loved learning about, and loved imagining. It is also about the urgent, and near-impossible task of ending warfare. Recently, a lot of those things I loved have lost a lot of their appeal to me…”

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