RJ Vaillancourt, Jenna Grossano, James Presson, and Patrick Dooley of “How Less Than Rent Stole Christmas!”

How Less Than Rent Stole Christmas!Less Than Rent was last on the podcast with a provocative take on a theatre company’s provocative take on Beckett’s Endgame (listen to it here).

Now, the company sets their sights on the holidays, with three distinct evenings of theatrical cheer. The podcast was there on night one, when RJ Vaillancourt hosted a Christmas variety show a la his hero, Bing Crosby (see the photo below), under the direction of Jenna Grossano.

Listen in as Jenna & RJ, along with LTR members (and the masterminds of the series) James Presson and Patrick Dooley, discuss reflecting reality back from the stage, how you find the glue to hold a variety show together, and why the company would do not one, but three different holiday shows over three weeks.

Less Than Rent presents

How Less Than Rent Stole Christmas!

Show 1: December 3, 2013, 9pm
A Miracle on East 4th Street: A Classic Christmas with RJ and Friends
Hosted by RJ Vaillancourt
Directed by Jenna Grossano

Show 2, December 10, 2013, 9pm
America’s Next Top Virgin Mary Christmas Beauty Pageant (A Tragedy)
Hosted by Becca Ballenger
Directed by Rachel B. Joyce

Show 3, December 17, 2013, 9pm
A Blue Christmas Without Jew
Hosted by Brandon Zelman
Directed by Nicole Ventura

The Kraine Theater
84 E. 4th Street

tickets available via SmartTixHow Less Than Rent Stole Christmas! How Less Than Rent Stole Christmas! How Less Than Rent Stole Christmas!

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