Crawford M. Collins, actress

Crawford M. CollinsCrawford M. Collins is a friend of mine, and a heck of an actress.

So for a different sort of Go See a Show! episode, I thought it would be fun to sit down and get an actor’s perspective on navigating the wilds of the theatre scene in our fair city of New York.

And I was right. It was indeed fun, and informative, to chat with a talented woman who’s doing some great work — and working consistently. All you aspiring actresses & actors, this episode’s for you.

Listen in as Crawford & I discuss how one gets oriented in the New York theatre scene, the difference between the worlds of theatre & film, hustling (in a good way), and the importance of relationships in our line of work.

“…if you have a really good friend, somebody that you know that you just think is really interesting…find out where they’re hanging out, and the kinds of people that they’re meeting…”

Crawford M. Collins in "Sicks," photo by Nancy Baumwald Krakaur Photography

from Sicks!, photo by Nancy Baumwald Krakaur Photography

Crawford M. Collins in "In the Ebb," photo by Jessica Ammirati

from In the Ebb, photo by Jessica Ammirati

Crawford M. Collins in "RISE," photo by Allison Stock Photography

from Rise, photo by Allison Stock Photography

Crawford M. Collins, headshot by Jeffrey Mosier Photography

photo by Jeffrey Mosier Photography

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