Greg Kalleres, playwright of “Honky”

"Honky" by Greg KalleresHonky is a play about relationships: about the relationships between five people, and about the relationships between who designs, buys, wears, covets, sells, and markets basketball shoes.

But hovering over—or rather, sitting squarely on top of—all of these relationships, is the issue of race.

It’s the kind of show that provokes wild, and/or uncomfortable, and/or silent laughter, at different times, from different people, for different reasons.

And while it doesn’t shy away from a difficult subject, Honky is hysterical, insightful, dramatic, and fun.

Listen to this episode of GSAS! to hear playwright Greg Kalleres discuss quiet audiences, brave actors, and advertising.

“You may fail, but you’ve certainly got the right to try.”

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