Russell Dobular, Leal Vona, and Matthew Kreiner of End Times Productions’ “Naked Holidays”

End Times Productions' Naked Holidays 2011It’s the holiday time again — time for mind-altering eggnog, elves in open revolt, epic reindeer battles, Hanukkah carols, body-slams through boxes of prettily-wrapped gifts, and lots of strategically-placed stockings.

If you’ve ever been to Naked Holidays before, you know what’s up. If you haven’t been, you really should check this out.

Either way, listen in as Go See a Show! chats with Russell Dobular, Leal Vona, and Matthew Kreiner, the creative and administrative mad geniuses behind End Times Productions’ annual “family show” (listen in to see what we mean).

***Note: the opening bit of music & the clips you hear on today’s podcast is from the first rehearsals of the show — you want to hear this live, and with a full band!*** Continue reading