Alex Beige, Dante Green, & 김채송 Chaesong Kim of The Makers’ Enemble’s Short Play Festival

The Tank and The Makers' Ensemble present Short Play Fest 2024Listen in as director 김채송 Chaesong Kim (Alien Play), playwright Alex Beige (Blackpilled, A Blueprint), and director Dante Green (Light + House) of The Makers’ Ensemble’s Short Play Festival, discuss immigration stores, where love stories meet ghost stories, playwrights writing plays about playwrights writing plays, capturing suffering, growth over time, and taking care of your artists.

“…every play felt like it ended too soon, like it was just the beginning of a learning experience…inviting you into an aspect of the playwright’s world, and leaving you with just enough to understand that you’re not alone, in whatever experience you have…”

The Tank and The Makers’ Ensemble presents

Short Play Fest 2024

Alien Play
written by Carolina Đỗ
directed by 김채송 Chaesong Kim

Light + House
written by é boylan
directed by Dante Green

We Go East
written by Jaucqir
directed by Autumn Angelettie

Blackpilled, A Blueprint
written by Alex Beige
directed by Sam Morreale

March 20, 21, 24 at 7pm; March 23 at 3pm

The Tank
312 W. 36th Street

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