Jenn Boehm, co-Artistic Director of Looking Glass Theatre

Looking Glass TheatreThis week, Go See a Show! travels from downtown to midtown for an interview with the fabulous Jenn Boehm, co-Artistic Director and Managing Director of the wonderful Looking Glass Theatre.

Listen in as Jenn and I talk about running an off-off-Broadway space, building a community of artists, and “flexing the creative muscles,” and hear a couple audio clips from the Looking Glass Summer Intern Showcase performing Lonergan and Chekhov.

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One thought on “Jenn Boehm, co-Artistic Director of Looking Glass Theatre

  1. That Jenn Boehm is a wonder! So glad you talked about how well she makes Looking Glass run. I hope your listeners are as inspired as I am hearing you both talk about creative freedom and growing new projects. It makes me want to run out and flex my muscles!

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